The Best Dual Dash Cams for 2018

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Undoubtedly, the addition of a rear camera to a dash cam comes with an extra sense of security. Owners often have a considerably higher peace of mind when they know that both ends of third precious vehicles are under constant monitoring. As the day goes by, manufactures release dual cams with stunning specs. Albeit sporting compact designs, modern models are packed up with advanced features that incorporate the latest technologies.

The best dual dash cam never misses a moment, regardless of its positioning relative to the automobile. Finding the appropriate choice may be a tough challenge, especially to novices. For this reason we put together a list of the best two-sided dashboard cameras in the market.

Z-EDGE S3 Dual Flash Cam
With a maximum resolution of 1440p, the Z-EDGE S3 guarantees users of fine-detailed images. However, the clarity tones down to 1080p when both cameras are turned on. Still, this captures photos are fascinating and easy to discern. The lens has a field of view spanning 1500.

The display on this device is exceptional, delivering vivid imagery despite its small size. Furthermore, it is hardened, which makes it scratch-resistant as well as likely to withstand a considerable amount of impact. It’s double delight for the users, since this model has a screen for both cameras.

Thinkware F800 Pro
If you are looking for elite video quality coupled up with a mammoth storage capacity, look no further than the Thinkware F800 Pro. Both lenses are full HD, capable of recording exhilarating videos in 1080p at a speed of 30fps. Whether night or day, the camera is equal to the task, and rarely disappoints.

When it comes to storage, the F800 Pro comes with an unrivaled 128GB. This allows for endless recording of video footage without investing in a memory card. Better yet, this model has a low voltage cutoff and overheating protection features that aid in elongating its lifespan.

The DX2 is the perfect description of true wide angle dual dash cam. Using its proprietary Anglbee technology, this camera captures a massive 1650 on the front and 1250 at the back. All of these record in full HD at 30fps.

Amazingly, this gadget maintains a small size while packing up the scintillating features. Moreover, it has an emergency lock system as well as an automated impact detector. A big letdown is the conspicuous omission of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless connections.