iRobot Braava Jet 240


I don’t need a robot vacuum, I have a really nice power head hand-held machine that has lots of life left in it. What I do need is something to mop while I’m out. I don’t have pets, but I have lots of laminate and frequent areas of mystery stickiness. It would be really nice to not have to spend an extra hour on mopping.

I am a fan of iRobot, there is something nice about knowing they started everything. They’ve kept their range small so I tend to think the models will be better quality. This model is good with small rooms, and uncomplicated layouts which was also fine for me. I think that’s why its big brother (Braava 380t) sells more units. For me though, I have no issues running it while out each day and doing different areas each time.

Braava jet is under $200, has consistent reviews and high star ratings on so it made sense to just throw caution to the wind and buy one.

How it Works

  • Insert a cleaning pad. I wanted to get the washable pads, so it cost me around $10 more. The robot will knows which pad you’ve put in so you just need to select from one of the three cleaning modes.
  • Comes with a virtual wall inbuilt so I set it to not go into my lounge area which has no door and closed all the bedrooms off.
  • The beauty of this is, I can get it to give the floor a bit of a sweep either dry or damp and sometimes this is enough. Other times the mystery stickiness appears and I set it to wet mop and come home to clean floors. I am pretty impressed.


  • It can navigate around my furniture,
  • I did a fantastic job of getting rid of dirt on the floor, areas that I didn’t think it would get to and stickiness I didn’t think it would remove,
  • The cleaning pads are compatible with other brands.


  • I really like the idea of the disposable pads, but I also hate increasing my global footprint, despite the added cost, I will be mainly using the washable ones,
  • It takes a while to recharge, so if I did want to do more than one room I would have to get my old steam mop out.