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We hate spam!

Recently this site got all spammed.. While we aren't very active, the site shouldn't be degraded into a collection of NSFW-links. That's why I've blocked all new registrations. If you still want an account, send me a message at mark@this domain.
Update: with the upgrade, registrations are back online and anonymous access works again.

Not Correct

I can see that message if I'm logged on or not...
Light and Darkness are Eternaly Intertwined.

Some are Afraid of the Dark.

Don't be.

It is Half of Existence.


This message is only visible if you are logged in. Maybe we can put it on the main page as an image?


sucks to be spammed...

Something broke down

Something broke down - anonymous users (i.e. not logged in) can't do anything any more.

I'm not able to fix it - no clue where the error is. I'm doubting if I should update the whole site to a more recent version of Drupal, or if I should turn it into some static HTML site.. what do you think? Updating isn't all that easy, e.g. the theme needs to be rewritten and more.

Not sure...

Most of the important information on the site is pretty static.


I am not sure. Did Xmule not create the site? Drupal is now version 5.

I might be able to ask someone, but I know they are very busy and it would pull resources from SFX...

Let me know if you can fix it first yourself?


Last Friday I spent the whole

Last Friday I spent the whole day trying to get a proper update, but there is no clear upgrade path from Drupal 4.4/4.5 (not sure which this site is running) to Drupal 5. I'll have to check 4.5->4.6 and 4.6->4.7 upgrade instructions. I think it's possible though.

I created the site, HopeSeekr of xMule sponsored the domain, sponsors the hosting.