CS GO Weapons

If there’s one thing every Counter Strike: Global Offensive player loves, it’s weapons. More than just a tool, CS GO weapons become part of the player’s identiy. But with the wide range of choices, it can be difficult for the new CS GO player to determine how to best spend the budget they have for weapons. Rifles are one of the most popular weapons in the game, and there is no shortage of choices players have when it comes to selecting a rifle. Understanding the options is the first step for a player in determining a rifle purchase. These rifles are some of the most popular with players.

The Galil rifle and FAMAS rifle are not as powerful as other rifles, but because they are inexpensive they are popular with new players as well as players who are saving their money to purchase other equipment. A signature weapon of the Terrorists is the AK-47. It’s well-known and well-liked for its ability to score one-shot headshot kills at any ranger. The Counter Terrorists has two signature rifle that are closely related: the M4A4 and the M4A1-S. It; hard to go wrong when purchasing either of these rifles, but knowing the subtle differences can help players decide which will best fit with their gameplay. The M4A4 has a thirty-bullet magazine, while the M4A1-S has a twenty-bullet magazine. However, the M4A4 has more recoil than the M4A1-S.

The G3SG1s are usually referred to just as Autos, since they are fully automatic sniper rifles, and as such they are also one of the most expensive weapons in the game. They are typically two-shot kills, with the exception of headshots. The SG533 rifle and the AUG rifle are also popular assault rifles, with many similarities. Both rifles are more costly than a lot of other rifles. The SG533 and the AUG both come equipped with dot scopes, and both have lower recoil than most other rifles. However, the recoil patterns take some getting used to in order to handle these assault rifles well, and their fire rate is half of other rifles. Both of these assault rifles can have significantly slower movement speeds when compared to other rifles. The SG533 is the only weapon that can claim 100% armor penetration, which can be an enormous asset in gameplay. The CS GO player needs to study all of the rifles carefully before making a rifle purchase in order to assure they are get the best weapon for their needs.

You can customize these weapons by buying some skins. This wont make your weapons more powerful though, but it will surely make them cooler and you’ll enjoy the game even more.