iRobot Braava Jet 240

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I don’t need a robot vacuum, I have a really nice power head hand-held machine that has lots of life left in it. What I do need is something to mop while I’m out. I don’t have pets, but I have lots of laminate and frequent areas of mystery stickiness. It would be really nice to not have to spend an extra hour on mopping.

I am a fan of iRobot, there is something nice about knowing they started everything. They’ve kept their range small so I tend to think the models will be better quality. This model is good with small rooms, and uncomplicated layouts which was also fine for me. I think that’s why its big brother (Braava 380t) sells more units. For me though, I have no issues running it while out each day and doing different areas each time.

Braava jet is under $200, has consistent reviews and high star ratings on so it made sense to just throw caution to the wind and buy one.

How it Works

  • Insert a cleaning pad. I wanted to get the washable pads, so it cost me around $10 more. The robot will knows which pad you’ve put in so you just need to select from one of the three cleaning modes.
  • Comes with a virtual wall inbuilt so I set it to not go into my lounge area which has no door and closed all the bedrooms off.
  • The beauty of this is, I can get it to give the floor a bit of a sweep either dry or damp and sometimes this is enough. Other times the mystery stickiness appears and I set it to wet mop and come home to clean floors. I am pretty impressed.


  • It can navigate around my furniture,
  • I did a fantastic job of getting rid of dirt on the floor, areas that I didn’t think it would get to and stickiness I didn’t think it would remove,
  • The cleaning pads are compatible with other brands.


  • I really like the idea of the disposable pads, but I also hate increasing my global footprint, despite the added cost, I will be mainly using the washable ones,
  • It takes a while to recharge, so if I did want to do more than one room I would have to get my old steam mop out.

The Best Dual Dash Cams for 2018

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Undoubtedly, the addition of a rear camera to a dash cam comes with an extra sense of security. Owners often have a considerably higher peace of mind when they know that both ends of third precious vehicles are under constant monitoring. As the day goes by, manufactures release dual cams with stunning specs. Albeit sporting compact designs, modern models are packed up with advanced features that incorporate the latest technologies.

The best dual dash cam never misses a moment, regardless of its positioning relative to the automobile. Finding the appropriate choice may be a tough challenge, especially to novices. For this reason we put together a list of the best two-sided dashboard cameras in the market.

Z-EDGE S3 Dual Flash Cam
With a maximum resolution of 1440p, the Z-EDGE S3 guarantees users of fine-detailed images. However, the clarity tones down to 1080p when both cameras are turned on. Still, this captures photos are fascinating and easy to discern. The lens has a field of view spanning 1500.

The display on this device is exceptional, delivering vivid imagery despite its small size. Furthermore, it is hardened, which makes it scratch-resistant as well as likely to withstand a considerable amount of impact. It’s double delight for the users, since this model has a screen for both cameras.

Thinkware F800 Pro
If you are looking for elite video quality coupled up with a mammoth storage capacity, look no further than the Thinkware F800 Pro. Both lenses are full HD, capable of recording exhilarating videos in 1080p at a speed of 30fps. Whether night or day, the camera is equal to the task, and rarely disappoints.

When it comes to storage, the F800 Pro comes with an unrivaled 128GB. This allows for endless recording of video footage without investing in a memory card. Better yet, this model has a low voltage cutoff and overheating protection features that aid in elongating its lifespan.

The DX2 is the perfect description of true wide angle dual dash cam. Using its proprietary Anglbee technology, this camera captures a massive 1650 on the front and 1250 at the back. All of these record in full HD at 30fps.

Amazingly, this gadget maintains a small size while packing up the scintillating features. Moreover, it has an emergency lock system as well as an automated impact detector. A big letdown is the conspicuous omission of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless connections.

Why You Should Never Opt for Free Hosting

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A free web hosting plan can be a great option for those who want to start a website and may not afford the recurrent web hosting fees. This is especially the case for beginners who are still green in the business and are not ready to make a financial commitment due to uncertainty that their website will repay the amount invested.

Some web programmers may also opt for free web hosting when testing their products. However, there are enough reasons as to why you should never opt for free hosting plans. The biggest drawback in free web hosting is the unavailability of some of the services that the hosting company offers to premium customers. For instance, most free hosting packages do not allow users to install their own scripts such as chat rooms and payment extensions.

Cron tabs, a scheduling daemon that you can use to automatically undertake certain tasks on your website is also not available for free web hosting plans. This means that there will be a limitation on how much you can achieve with your website. Some providers of free hosting may place adverts on your website so as to finance the provision of the hosting service. You do not have control over how much space the adverts will occupy on your web pages.

They may at times lower the usability of your site by making it hard for the reader to locate certain things. Free web hosting accounts are not eligible for the 24 hour customer support that premium account holders enjoy. There is no guarantee of high up-time for your site as the host will scale down the resources available to free accounts when the demand on their servers is high. In some cases, the hosting company may decide to terminate your free account when they realize that they can longer support them. This will force you to upgrade to a premium package or lose your website. From my own experience, I would not recommend free web hosting as it will cause you a lot of problems in terms of the security, reliability and availability of your site.

What Is A CMS?

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What is a CMS? Content management system (CMS) refers to a system that you use to manage a website’s content. While the CMS features vary, they normally include format management, revision control, and web based publishing. The elements of CMS are content delivery application (CDA) and content management application (CMA). The CDA is the element that compiles and uses information from the CMA to update a website.

The CMA element will allow you as a content manager modify, create, or even remove content from the website regardless of your expertise as a webmaster. The CMS features l mentioned serve different functions The web based publishing feature of the CMS allows you to use template(s), wizards, and several other tools to change the web content. The revision control feature will allow you to update new content, track changes made to files, or restore older content. The format management feature allows documents to be formatted into PDF or HTML.

There is also the indexing, search, and retrieval feature. This feature indexes all data within the organization thus allowing anyone to search and retrieve the data from the CMS system. Moreover, a CMS system may also give you tools that you can be able to use for one-on-one marketing. One-on-one marketing is a feature that enables a website to provide content that is then targeted to specific users. You can collect the information of your targets from the user activity on the website.

The information used to target is either provided by the user or determined from the user activity on the website. The one-on-one marketing feature can be very useful to advertisers and the website owner. As a website owner, you will know what the users on your website are interested in. You can then use this information to pitch to potential advertisers on what kind of adverts they can put up on your website.